Wealth Accumulation

Beginning with your age and Responsibilities, as well as Your sources of income, we Prepare a monthly investment plan that diversifies wealth accumulation into three catagories.

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Retirement Income

I offer a free initial Financial Planning Consultation where together we analyze where you are in your financial planning and see what needs to be addressed.

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College Savings

Preparing for children's college expenses have become an important issue that demands Early attention.

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I began my career as a banker, even though I had always thought I would be an English teacher. What I found was that I had a profound understanding of money and investments. One day a friend came into the bank to see me. He was a doctor.

“Bill, my dad passed away a few months back, and I need to move my mom here from New York. She’s not going to want me to help her with her investments, but she’s going to need help.” Well, I agreed to work with her but only with the agreement that if one of us wanted to stop, he or she could…no hard feelings. Well from her and her new friends that she recommended me to, without any marketing before now, three generations have used me as their wealth coach.

You see, I put together a very specific plan for each client. I am paid a flat fee. I don’t make commissions or accept referral fees, so I am a true fiduciary, When I am working for you, it is only your interest that is at heart.

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