Our Philosophy

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I began my professional career as a banker and later as a real estate broker after many years of education. You can check that out later by tapping on the “Curriculum Vitae” button. But throughout those years, and continuing today, and without marketing myself as such, I’ve been a well-compensated private investment counselor.

So, I’ve had the good fortune of bundling into one package for you, my substantial education, what my daddy taught me many years ago, and the experience of building my own family’s wealth and the wealth of many, many people – most like you and me; but in there were a lot of millionaires, a couple of billionaires, and some well-known TV stars.

All during more than fifty years as a financial advisor.

It is not my purpose to become specific as to what vehicles you should use to accumulate wealth. Instead, I will review your current financial position and your current exposure to loss, and contrary to what many financial professionals push, I will give you a program built solely around my assessment of your needs.

So, to put it another way, my purpose is to help you determine what the value of your assets must be when you reach the time when you can no longer earn sufficient income as a worker.

That’s the time when income from your accumulated wealth must support you.

And it is also to show you why you must do your best to make certain your gross investment dollars are not substantially eaten away by professional commissions, fees, and market loss of value.

You will notice that by contrast to the verbosity of most books, lectures and appointments with brokers, I’ll get right to the meat of the subject.

And I do that to reduce the chance of generating confusion or your losing interest.

My recommendations to you will come in the form of a bam, bam, bam approach.

No flowery ideologues.
• Follow it for the remainder of your life, and you will be amazed.
• Follow it, and you will dramatically increase your opportunities for success, and substantially reduce your chances of large and unrecoverable losses.
• Once you have and initiate the program I provide you, unless you just want to, you probably will never have to consult with me again.

Finally, please make a careful note that I will be advising you as a fiduciary. There will be no financial gain in store for me by you following the programs I outline. No commissions, no kick-backs, no annual fees. It is impossible for “financial advisors and wizards” to be s fiduciary, because what directly impacts their income is based on the advice that they give to you, or what financial products they sell to you.

But should you decide to take nothing from my advice, please take this one: Always figure out whether you and your advisers and brokers are sitting on the same side of the table – that means your side and not theirs.