Retirement Income

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I offer a free initial Financial Planning Consultation where together we analyze where you are in your financial planning and see what needs to be addressed.

We will discuss with you:
• How to devise an investment plan where you will have this combination:
Safe Money Account
Estate Building Accounts
Insurance Protection Accounts

And then we’ll:
• Show you how you can prepare all and make monthly contributions with little cumulative risk using the investment principal of Dollar Cost Averaging
• Show you how you can substantially reduce broker fees and management fees
• How to properly diversify so as to substantially decrease the odds caused by risk
• Formulize how to generate sufficient living income from your investments
• Show you some ideas as to how you may maximize your social security benefits
• Give you some ideas about fight inflation, and lower your income taxes
• Tell you some ways you can protect your assets from judicial judgements.

If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, we’ll meet in your home or have coffee at a Starbucks, my treat.
If you live elsewhere, even another state, we’ll accomplish the same thing by telephone or Skype.

Whatever the way, if you conclude that we can help you, we’ll get started. If not, there will be no charge, obligation, or pressure tactics. Never has been for others, and there won’t be for you.

My job is to show you how to retire with the income and financial safety that you deserve!

Call or email me now for your complimentary consultation.